The Desires of Men

Desire defines man and makes him real
His want is God whom he obeys with zeal
That which he pursues is what he becomes
To no distraction his vision succumbs

The wants of others corrupts his being
Infects him to make his eyes unseeing
Of only their will does his soul consist
And the living man ceases to exist

Men are monsters of glorious conquest
Standing the length of their empires abreast
That which they set their sights firmly upon
Is theirs to grasp and possess everlong

Yet some men speak desires cruel and false
Deceptive minds and hearts are their dire faults
Obscuring their wants so their hearts might steel
From themselves their own souls they do conceal

Reality makes clear what they yearn for
It is written in the spoils of their war
That which they have in greatest abundance
They worship in secretive reverence