The Roads That Bind Us

A river of frozen tar, front to back
From horizon to horizon it flows

Wheels beating in rhythm steady, black on black
An engine of pumping iron rows

Mountains rise and clouds fly
Forests and oceans come and go

The endless earth and sky
Together in the distance grow

Vivid visions rush past my eye
Markers on a greater journey

I see a growing family
A grand and prideful legacy

I see roads connecting each
Moment across my life

Just as they connect each
City, town, husband, and wife

To stand on dry asphalt unfurled
Is to feel the pulse of the world

It’s all laid out before me, a map in mental rune
Driving my beloved to our long due honeymoon

And then, to her birthing bed
At last, our home lies ahead

I see a gift to each of my children
On the day that they are grown

A vehicle for each daughter and son
To drive on lives their own

I see a family
Beloved in memoir

Bound together closely
Even while flung afar

Connected by black veins wound tight
Hot in the sun and cool in the night

Glittering with reflected light
Knowledge in rubber and iron cite

Be there a curse or blight
All roads to home alight

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