Won’t You Please Protect Me?

Father, I’m afraid
Turmoil is all I see
All order is frayed
Won’t you please protect me?

I can’t, said father
What would you desire?
That I lock you up, life withdrawn?
Never to see the light of dawn?

Go out, my son
And battle on
Sword firm in hand and standing strong
I am old, yet this night is long

You must face these wars
This world is soon yours

God, I’m afraid
Turmoil is all I see
I’m without aid
Won’t you please protect me?

I will not, said God
Let fall this facade
Were you made to cower?
On this, your finest hour?

Go out, my son
Fight till it’s done
Whether burdened by fear or despair
He who stands stalwart will be my heir

You must face this dire trial
Else yourself you will revile

Satan, I’m afraid
Turmoil is all I see
All hope now abrade
Won’t you please protect me

I gladly will, said Satan
All chaos I shall straighten
Let dry your secret guilty sadness
You’re powerless against this madness

Stay here, my son
The day is won
Grow fat and happy in my embrace
Against all pain we shall firmly brace

Wear now this heavy iron chain
And you’ll never suffer again

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