Tears for Victory

As I stand on high, a victor
A dream undying
I look to mother and father
They both are crying

Why? I ask my father

My tears are for pride, my son
You’ve grown into a great man
Ascended, a rising sun
Made well what in pain began

Why? I ask my mother

My tears are sorrowful loss
You’ve gone so far from my love
A great chasm you are across
My being empty thereof

I look to the horizon
To my dreams yet unfulfilled
My desires, guiding beacons
With sorrow, my heart is filled

If you mourn for my victory
What will satisfy you but defeat?

If my victories make right your wrongs
What further suffering ought I bear?

Every step towards my fulfillment
The further from you I am spurred
Your presence is a drowning current
I must wade through, step out, onward

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